2019 8th Annual Manly Men Hot Weather Wacko Hike

Dos Cabeza

Click on the link for location and elevation map.  This years HOT WEATHER WACKO HIKE will be at Dos Cabeza Road.  The plan is to be shuttled in to about the mid-way point via 4 WD and hike back out 5 miles out to S-2, and beyond, back into town (Ocotillo) and an after party at the Lazy Lizard Bar and Grill.

Past Hot Weather Wacko Hikes

2013 Jasper Truck Trail to Grapevine Canyon

2014 Blaire Valley/Butterfield Stage Route to Los Vallecitos Staging Area

2015 San Felipe Wash/Goats Trail/Buttes Pass Road

2016 (2) 1. Culp Valley to Hellhole Canyon, 2. Blair Valley to Pictographs

2017 Arroyo Salado

2018 Clarke Dry Lake

2019 Dos Cabeza Road (Outside Ocotillo)


When: Saturday Aug. 24, 2019.. Start Time 0630.

Where: Dos Cabeza Road..  The plan is to meet at the Lazy Lizard Saloon and shuttle to Dos Cabeza Road off S-2.  We will shuttle approximately 5 miles in..  then we’ll hike out to S-2  and cross the road, continuing on Dos Cabeza Road to Mortero Wash, and back into the “town” of Ocotillo, finishing at the Lazy Lizard Saloon  
The hike will be a minimum of 10 miles, and the temp will very likely be well in excess of 103. We will cool down at the Lazy Lizard Saloon after the hike, assuming we survive!  Newbie Wackos are eligible to purchase the One-and-Only Hot Weather Wacko T-Shirt for 18.00 (below cost).



It got up to 109 last year for the 2018 Hot Weather Wacko Hike at Clark Dry Lake.  This year could be that hot or hotter!! This will likely the last Hot Weather Wacko Hike facilitated by me, so come join us… If you are WACKO enough!


Please take all precautions  very seriously:

  1.  Be sure to do several (8-10) training hikes in hot weather, i.e. 86 degrees or hotter (the hotter the better).
  2.  Make sure you are able to cover 10-12 miles.
  3. Carry PLENTY of water- based on my mis-adventures, I recommend 6 liters.
  4. Take your Time: In 100+ heat, slower is actually better, keep your exertion level low. Take shade where you can, if available.  If you start too fast, you will probably pay for it later. Stay safe!
  5. Wear protective clothing, a good shade hat, and use sunscreen.  For what it’s worth, I wear two layers of shirts, and one is long sleeve. Getting sun burned is a no-no..

I understand what I am getting myself into here:






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