2020 Manly Man Truck Trip

It was CRISP!  With AM temps in the low 20’s, it was Pretty Damn Manly Stanley!


Theme: “American Heroes!”

This years’ event was held  Jan. 10-12, 2020 in LITTLE BLAIR VALLEY..  Friday Nite thru Sunday AM. Hardcore Cowboys with COWBOY HATS and JEANS tend to come out Friday Nite.  Urban Cowboys with Glittery Shirts, Fancy Khaki Pants, Loafers, Dockers or Tennis Shoes, City Slicker Hats and electronic devices of various sorts probably show up on Saturday AM..  Either way, we are a “Cowboy Society of Tolerance”..

TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE!  There were TWO Whiskey Stations, a Command Post (which got blown away by the WIND!), Night Time 4WD Rough Ridin,’ a Potato Gun that took out a Tank filled with BOOZE AMMO on the very first shot, and an extended guitar music show by the Manly Men Cowboys.


Menu was: Tri-Tip (Thank you Mikey!), Corn Bread, Baked Potatoes, Chili, Sides, Desserts, Beer, Whiskey.

There NEVER is  a “Sign Up for Who is Bringing What”..  We Always Bring some good stuff  to Share.  This includes stuff like cooking implements, plates, napkins (do Cowboys use these?.. maybe just a bandanna), utensils, Fire Wood, etc.  We always bring enough GRUB for Friday night, Sat. AM and Sat PM.. Leftovers Sun AM. Always BRING SOME BEER, SIDE DISHES AND SNACKS TO SHARE.

Entertainment:  Pignose Martin performed a few tunes for your listening enjoyment.  Guitar Jim busted a tune or two and some Manly Men did sing along for your Howlin’ at the Moon’ enjoyment. Professional Guitarist Gary helped us hold things together.

Please remember “Freedom is Not Free” and thank a Vet sometime!

Manly Men Truck Trip 8 – Class of 2020 – Click Link Below.  Many Thanks to Hiker Ed for this years’ pictures!!.  

2020 Manly Men Photos