2021.. 9th Annual Manly Men Truck Trip. January 8-10

Posted: December 11, 2020 in Uncategorized

This year we will reconvene at South Carrizo Creek, as we do in alternate years. Some Manly Men will be going out on Friday, some on Saturday. It’s your choice. Bring your own everything for Primitive Camping. Call me if needed @ 760-525-2787– leave a message if I do not pick up. My email is vincentcamarda@yahoo.com. Please pass along this information to anyone who should get it, but whose email address I do not have.

This year’s theme is “Inauguration Party”:… There will be a dart board with pictures of President Donald J. “Orange Hair Man” Trump and President-Elect Joe “Where am I” Biden, as well as a “Pie Chart” of Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, Newsome, Cuomo, and Garcetti to Cast your Vote for (shoot darts at). Winners get mini Hooch Shots. Gary’s Potato Cannon may be available to then blow the thing up!! Menu will be Vince’s Chili (Lunch Saturday) Mikey’s Famous Tri-Tip (Saturday nite: Bring a Little $$ for the Kitty), Baked Potatoes, and whatever sides all you Manly Men bring to share.

Carrizo Creek: from I-8… Heading East, Turn Left at Ocotillo, Stay on S-2.. Proceed to just before mile marker 48… Turn Right into South Carrizo Creek, Go in about 1/2 to 3/4 mi..

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