Founded Jan. 2013.   The first trip was to Pinyon Mountain, in Remembrance of the January birthday boys-  Terry “T-Bag” Flood and Kevin “K-Dog” Schaible.  A good time was had , despite night time temperatures of 19 degrees F.  HUGE CAMPFIRE felt Great!  Dr. John Casey provided awesome Singing Bowls Demonstration, and Raul was his foremost student! Full Moon provided by Our Creator was most excellent!  Professional Pics by Andrew Mansker.  Trip highlight was a visit to Alpine Brewery to fill Growlers, have lunch, and then trip through Laguna Snows on the way to Pinyon Mountain.

 The 1st Manly Men Motley Crew


2014 was much warmer, temperatures  70s and night time temps mid 40s at Arroyo Salado.  A few YayHoos did a 6 mile hike, then proceeded to drink all the beer! Pignose Martin (No Knees Walking Eagle – Vince) gave a Sunday AM brunch concert from up in the hills!   Ridiculous Pulled Pork Sandwiches on the 3 Burner and Professional Pics by Andrew Mansker.  We saw the emergence of the Duracell Powerpack, providing power for endless tunes and re-charging T-Dog’s Cell Phone.

The 2014 Manly Men Class Picture

What a bunch of reprobates!!

The 2015  trip South Carrizo Creek. The 2015 Manly Man Class Picture.   Awesome Pix and High Tech Quad Copter Video compliments of Roger Zellmer Productions!!

What a bunch of decrepit cheerleaders  :)

2016 Trip to Butte’s Pass Road was the Biggest Yet, with 17 Manly Men and 15 Trucks!!  See Trip Page for Pics and Video Links (Compliments of Roger Zellmer Productions!).



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