MMTT3 2015

Here is captured a few of the moments from
the 2015 Manly Men Truck Trip.

No HomoPhobia Here!!  WE ARE MANLY MEN!  Maybe we can hug a little closer next year.

The Committee

Freakin’ Flyin’ Horseshoes!!.  Kdog and Dr.V…… UNDEFEATED!!!!  Nice LOW rider pants Vinny … Good thing we had Emergency Lash Down Rope so you could make a belt for yourself!!

 Flying horseshoes!!

Huevos, Jamon, Queso, Papas Fritas, Tortillas, Bloody Marias, Cafe, Cerveza, Frutas, Salsa –  Y Nada Mas
Breakfast committee

Whump, they it is… Whump, they it is..  Enjoy Roger’s Slideshow and Quad Copter Video of this years’ 3rd Annual Manly Man trip.  He Da’ Manly Man!!  A good time was had by all, but we were a little short on the beer.  Jock will take care of that for next year.  He Da’ Manly Man2!!  The ideas are Churnin’ for next year…. Be there, don’t you be UnManly now!!

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